A Photograph (and a thanks:)

Style : This photograph by Hugh Stewart has literally been giving me chills since I first saw it a few days ago. 

Isn't it glorious???  The vibrancy of the picture is due in part to the colour the photographer selected for his muse's dress; the red is so gorgeous against the turquoise of the water because of how much they contrast with one another (colour wheel theory 101- sorry...it's my past life as a pseudo art teacher rearing its ugly head.)  This pairing of red and turquoise also makes a stunning statement in the home.

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I think this palate (and using contrasting colours in general) works because it really allows statement pieces to take center stage- like that glorious egg chair.  What do you think of this particular colour scheme?  Personally, my favourite example is still the photograph- it's just soooo perfect!

I also wanted to send a very big thanks to Kirsten, over at Simply Grove for her feature on my house.  I love her work/blog and am so thrilled that she likes my space enough to post pictures of it.   Thanks Kirsten! 
And to everyone else, I am totally overwhelmed by the response to the house pictures I posted last week and thank you all so so much for the feedback- you're all too sweet!
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