Wednesday Wallpaper - Trove

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Led by artists Jee Levin and Randall Buck, Trove Wallpaper is a company that attempts to push the common conventions of the craft.
Based in New York, this team of artists is the creative force behind the designs.
Together, they have produced patterns that are heavily influenced by city inspirations and break the 'rules'of scale and dimension- many prints have repeats that are 12 feet high.
Printed on commercial grade paper, all of the designs are eco-friendly and show a strong reference to our environment/natural world.

 A preview.


I find the colour, scale and photographic quality of each pattern remarkably special.
Each print feels like a work of art in itself and seems completely distinct from anything else I have seen.
Fantastically creative, the artist's hands are certainly present in each design and make the entire line feel like a collection of gallery work.

Yet another example of the gorgeous medium that is wallpaper.

And ps, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to visit you all yesterday- didn't have two minutes to rub together.
I'm out this morning volunteering in my daughter's classroom and will look very forward to catching up when I get home.

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