Wednesday Wallpaper - Black and White

Style :
There's something about the new year that makes everyone want a fresh start...that and a little glamour.
For whatever reason, black and white represents both for me.
Always chic, the juxtaposition of the two opposites breathes a sense of drama and renewal into a space.

In keeping with wallpaper day, here's a little mixed bag of sexy black and white.
{with some wallpaper favourites}

Florance Broadhurst- co020

Florance Broadhurst- Stampede

Flavor Paper- Fishnets

Tres Tintas- Alemendro

Timorous Beasties- McGegan Rose

Cole and Son- Malabar

Flavor Paper- Hibiscus

Florance Broadhurst- bo84

Flavor Paper- Sassy Toile

Florance Broadhurst- fl18

Sum- Femme Fatale

Cole and Son- Pompeian

Osborne and Little- Palmyra

Neisha Crosland- Maze

Designer's Guild- 488-33

Timorous Beasties- Black Gloss Demask


 And with that, I'll leave you with a few words fitting for the end of a year and the beginning of a new one....

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