Thursday This & That

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A few things on this lovely Thursday (what happened to the week? It FLEW!).

First, does anyone know of someone in DC who can sew pillows? I know there are plenty of workrooms in the burbs of VA and MD, but I can't get out there at all during the week, or on any given Saturday for the next few weeks, and I feel like they are all closed on Sunday. Somewhere in NW DC or on the red line metro would be ideal. I know that some dry cleaners can do pillows, but does that mean I have the supply the zippers, welting, lining, etc? I'd rather not have to because that necessitates a trip to the burbs. I've had this fabric has been sitting all lonely for 2 weeks and it's just begging to be made into pillows, stat!

Speaking of advice- we're always asking for y'all's advice and just so you know, we really do take it. Case in point, I just ordered a non-iron shirt from Lands End after everyone raved about them last week. I got this style with stretch, so we'll see how it works out and report back. The price was right- on sale for $34! 

I also added this sweater from the Canvas line to my shopping cart when I saw it was on sale for $16.99! Canvas has some great basis. Also, there's currently a Land's End coupon code for $10 off and free shipping! The coupon code is "oprah11" and the pin is 4281.

Moving on...have you heard there's a wedding tomorrow? Ha. I'm getting a teeny bit sick of the blog coverage, to tell the truth. But I'm still very excited for the big dress reveal. Does anyone plan to watch it real-time? I'm kind of interested in what India Hicks has to say. Btw, is this not the most ridiculous royal wedding paraphernalia you've seen thus far?

And finally, don't forget the Georgetown House Tour is this Saturday! I've always wanted to go and already bought  my ticket earlier this week. Thanks to Stefan at Architecht Design for the reminder. I'm always trying to sneak a little peek into the stately townhomes and houses of Georgetown when I walk by them at night. So Saturday I can finally put my voyeurism to rest and take a real look around!

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