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Boys and girls, you're in for a treat.
The gorgeous Elizabeth of The Now Stylebook is here today, sharing her 7.
The NowFor those of you who may not already be following this stunning blog, let me just say you're missing out on some serious daily bliss.
Written by the fabulous duo of Annie and Elizabeth, the Now is utterly packed with gorgeous.
 Filled with divine design inspiration and the latest high fashion debuts, this blog is a little piece of style heaven.

Today, one half of this sweetly stylish pair is here to talk about her fabulous 7.
Grab a coffee and enjoy- I pretty much gasped/sighed/went gaga over every single one.


Oh hey, it's Elizabeth from The Now and I am so honored and excited to be a part of Christine's Style in Seven Series. Christine really has been a great mentor for Annie and I and I really appreciate her supposrt and lovely comments throughout our 5-6 months of blogging. So Style in Seven....First of all, can I tell you how difficult it is to capture my style in 7?!?! My tastes have been evolving lately, but luckily there are a few things I love that WILL NEVER CHANGE. So here it goes!!!

1. Style Icon: Vanessa Traina
For me to even pretend I dress as well as this woman would be an insult to her, but there is no one that I would rather dress like in this world! SShe exudes downtown cool and has helped me realize it's ok that I don't have any color in my wardrobe. Like Vanessa, when it comes to my hair and makeup, I am as low maintenance as they come. Even when I try to put more makeup on than usual, I still end up looking like I rolled out of bed. Plus I have no hair skills so the most you will get out of me is running a brush through my un-coiffed hair.
2. I am OBSESSED with Parisian apartments and would give my right arm to live in one!!!! I love the idea of taking old and historical architecture and fixtures and mixing it with modern furniture and accessories. Having worked in the wood business, I very much appreciate beautiful mouldings, wood floors and beautiful architecture. A Haussemann style home with elaborate mouldings, old...and I mean OLD  chevron flooring mixed with some flea market finds, modern furniture, a dash of leopard and some lucite would be ingredients to my dream dwelling.

3. Mixture: I love so many different elements that the only way to incorporate them all is by mixing!! Now I am not saying my house is an ecclectic wonderland, but given the right interior designer, I know I could pull it off. Kelly Wearstler has had more success in mixing styles than anyone. She is definitely one of my idols.

4. A little bit of Irreverence. I'm nowhere near a "punk", but I am a little rebellious and do like a bit of irreverence in design. I hate when people take design or fashion too seriously so it is nice to have humor incorporated in some way. I suppose that is why I admire people like Damien Hirst, Carine Roitfeld and Simon Doonan.
One of my all time favorite images. Love the unexpected Sex Pistols poster in the otherwise super glamorous hallway.


5. I couldn't live without a little bit of Sparkle. From sequins to chandeliers, sparkle just makes everything prettier!

6. Black and white is my ultimate color combo! Without even realizing it, I decorated every room in our house using black and white in the color palette. As soon as we moved into our house I knew I wanted the hallway to have black and white stripes and it is definitely my favorite part!

7. I am a sucker for shoes! And it would be one thing if I just liked buying shoes from normal stores like Steve Madden, but my heart belongs to Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia! Now I'm not saying I splurge all the time, but I would rather spend $$$$ on an amazing pair of shoes than buy 5 tops. I just can't help's a sickness!

What did I tell you, so much fabulosity.
I just totally j'adore Elizabeth's style!!

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