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Good morning lovelies.
I hope you're comfortable because we have a real treat today.

Annie of THE NOW is here sharing her Style in Seven and let me tell you, it's pretty spectacular.
For those of you who still may not know THE NOW, shame on you and ps, you are soooo missing out on some serious fabulosity.
If you could eat fashion, decor and gorgeous style for breakfast, then it's is totally for you.

As for Annie herself, she's an utter sweetheart with impeccable taste.
She's recently engaged (xoxox) and her new Wedding Wednesday series is just so delightful - I find myself waiting all week for it!
I could wax poetically forever about Annie but let me just sum in up by saying she's beyond talented and the definition of style.

Have a little look for yourself.


Hi Loves!

I’m Annie from THE NOW Stylebook. Most of you had the pleasure of “meeting” my other {blogging} half, Elizabeth, in last week’s Style in Seven. I’m so excited to be here today sharing a little about what makes me, well, me!

And I’d like to give a special thanks to Christine for letting us NOW girls take over your gorgeous blog two Sundays in a row. We are SO honored to be a part of your fantastic series! Love you to pieces.

Hope you all enjoy my Style in Seven!


My Style Defined: When it comes to my style, I’d describe it as “carefully edited glamour.” I admire those who outfit their homes in calming neutrals and dub their homes a “retreat”; however, that’s not exactly me. But on the other hand, I absolutely despise clutter so I don’t want things to be TOO chaotic and over the top.
What’s my obsession?  I love beauty products.  I love researching the latest and greatest skincare gadget, shopping for a new eye shadow palette, and have even watched YouTube videos to master a new hair-curling technique.  What can I say… I’m a self-proclaimed girly girl.  While I always look very natural for day (at least I’d like to think so), I rarely leave the house without a little eyeliner on.  I feel absolutely naked without it.  And call me cliché, but for a night out, to me there is no better look than a smoky eye and pale lip.  Yum.  Oh, and one more thing… I have no brand or product loyalty.  I’ll try any product from any line– doesn’t matter whether it’s from Barneys or Walgreens, I’ll give it a shot!

    I heart Mixed Metals.  I refuse to commit to either silver or gold (or platinum or bronze for that matter)… I love to mix my metallics!  I actually apply this philosophy to all style-related aspects of my life:  clothing, jewelry, interior design, etc.  In fact, mixed metallics were actually a huge inspiration for the “look” of my upcoming wedding!  
      Such a Bargain Hunter.  If you were to ask any of my friends to describe my shopping style, they might be a little annoyed by my strange ability to come across the most ridiculous bargains.  Case in point:  One day I was at Horchow digging through a clearance table linens box and I came across a Missoni dress (in my size!) that was $40 and happened to have been misplaced!  Another example?   The antique burled wood bar in my dining room was about $60 at random thrift store that was going out of business.  What can I say?  I live for a steal!

    I adore PLVs (Pretty Little Vignettes).   I think my obsession with “vignettes” of style goes back to point #1… I love glamour and lots of interest, but I like there to be some method to the madness.  Whether items are grouped asymmetrically or with order, by color or theme, there are endless ways to arrange elements to create a vignette.   Even the most random or everyday objects can be artfully placed to develop a “installation” of sorts, resulting in a fabulous work of art.

 Moments of Humor.   Similarly to how Elizabeth looks for a bit of irreverence in her design, I also appreciate when designers (and “normal” people too) don’t take themselves so seriously.  I think that’s why I think Barney’s is so genius with their advertising… their slogan, “Taste, Luxury, Humor” speaks volumes about the unpredictable wit they pair with high fashion.  Such a delicious combo that I try to interject into my own décor.


What did I say, totally gorgeous in every way.
Oh and PS, those home photos...yup, that's Annie's actual house!
Le Sigh...sublime.
A giant thanks to both Annie and Elizabeth for visiting- was so honoured to have you both!


   Girl Crush.  If I could magically own anyone’s wardrobe it would be Olivia Palermo.  I adore the way she blends inexpensive pieces (Zara, Ann Taylor), high-end designer items, and vintage articles to create her own sophisticated style.   She also masterfully pairs classic pieces with trendier accessories to make things look a bit more unexpected.  On top of her wardrobe, I aspire to always look as polished she does… her hair and makeup are always perfection!  Lovessss her!


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