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Style : If you're looking for a little extra something to finish up your Christmas shopping, there's nothing like a good book. To me, a book is a very personal gift...while chances are you can run into J Crew and pick out a sweater that most everyone would like, a book is something that can be specifically tailored to the recipient. A few thoughts for Saturday's festivities. And yes, I love autobiographies...I am a firm believer that the best stories are the ones you couldn't possibly make up.

Open, An Autobiography by Andre Agassi. I was skeptical because I'll admit I'm a total book snob about popular books. Only boring books impress me, ha! But I borrowed this from a friend and after 2 days am 3/4 of the way through. Did you know Andre had a thing with Barbara Streisand??? And the Stefi Graf romance is shaping up to be the sweetest story I've ever heard. This book is really gripping, even if you weren't all that familiar with Agassi the first time around. Good for young and old readers

Decision Points by George W. Bush. When a book written by a president starts out with the line "Can you remember the last time you didn't have a drink?" you know it's not your normal dry, historical tome comprised solely of political rhetoric. I've found the more personal aspects of this book to be more compelling than the political aspects. If you didn't like George W. before, you're not going to like him any better after reading this. But still, you can at least tell the former President sat down and wrote this book himself, sans ghostwriter. I value hearing his own, true voice speak through this book.

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume I. I downloaded this on my Kindle recently but haven't started reading it yet. Any fan of American history, or of political and social commentary (and satire), will appreciate learning more about Twain. And I'll admit, I'm dying to see what dirt Twain is dishing if he was determined to wait a century before certain parts were published.

Life, by Keith Richards. This guy should have OD'd a million years ago but he's still kicking, dating 20-something Russian girlfriends and feuding with Mick Jagger. And the truth is, bands today in the corporate culture of music just aren't the same as the Rolling Stones were way back when. I have a feeling you could finish this book in about 3 hours, but I'd be intrigued to read it nonetheless!

Any other stocking stuffer book recommendations?
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