Project Kitchen Gorgeous

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I wanted to give you a preview of what's starting next Monday....

stay tuned for the official launch of the Project Kitchen Gorgeous joint Meredith Heron/B&B blog series.

On the programme for post #1, my recollections on how this whole kitchen redesign/partnership came to be.
Up the following week, Meredith shares her initial design ideas/ first impressions and in case you didn't catch the between the lines on that one, she is launching her own blog- hello awesomsauce!!

So, if you've always wanted to get a behind the scenes look at the designer/client relationship and a project's evolution, now's your chance!

And just to give you a small preview of what's coming, here's the kitchen that best reflects the look we're going for in mine...many clues about what you might end up seeing.


We so hope you'll follow along each Monday- we're pretty damn excited about the whole thing!!

{PS, you call also read plenty of behind the scenes project chatter on Twitter under the hashtag #projectkitchengoreous @meredithheron @bijouandboheme}

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