Project Kitchen Gorgeous - The Beginning

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As many or most of you know, Project Kitchen Gorgeous is in full swing.
But, what would a great story be without a fabulous prologue?
 What fun would the whole process be if we just skipped right ahead to the ending?
Sure it might be instantly gratifying but really, would it make the whole thing truly satisfying?
I say no and as such, have decided to take you back a the beginning that is.
So, here she goes...the story from the start.


It all began when blogger we'll call B&B (aka moi,) finished redecorating her living room, looked upon her yellow maple kitchen and decided once and for all, a change had to be made.
Not having a clue about how one goes about redesigning a kitchen, said blogger began looking for options and landed at a local and very highly recommended design firm.
A meeting ensued,  and many dollars were exchanged and then this....the plans.

For those readers out there who know this humble blogger, to say the plans were a large miss, would be a huge understatement.
First of all, they called for things to be moved that didn't have to be moved and more importantly, they just were not the 'look' blogger was going for.
Sure they were lovely but me, I mean blogger, certainly not so...panic.
B&B reached out to friends for advice, thought about ways to make the plans work and lost MANY hours of sleep thinking about the oodles of dineros that would be spent simply making the designs right.
While this was all happening, blogger continued chatting/making new peep friends on Twitter.
Twitter = fabulous way to meet fabulous people easily.

And here's the bullet point version of what happened next.

Blogger read many tweets from hilariously talented designer, Meredith Heron.
Blogger summed up the nerve to write designer and ask for any advice she may have.
Designer responded saying, "send over designs and I'll take a look."
Blogger did happy dance and nervously pressed send.
Designer sent back most relieving email of blogger's life, and said the design clearly missed the mark and wait for it....she would love to help.
Blogger did another much bigger happy dance.
Designer and blogger begun firing off emails in mad succession and set up a meeting at blogger's home.
Designer arrived at blogger's house wearing a full length mink.
Blogger knew instantly that they'd get along.
Designer sealed the deal but saying blogger's kitchen should "have a curated feel, New York Brownstone meets Parisian Pied a Terre shipped to Oakville via London England."
Blogger was sold and VERY excited.
And then, no less than a thousand emails were sent, responded to and resent.
The kitchen design process was officially launched.


We'll leave it there for now and will continue next week with a look back at the big design reveal that took place at Meredith's office...and let me just tell you in advance, the whole meeting was like Christmas morning to a 4 year old...bliss.
Before I move on though, I have to tell you how totally and completely in awe I am of the talent this lady has- I feel so lucky to be exposed to someone who just oozes creativity and style.
Truly inspiring in every sense of the word.

And now, I thought I'd leave you with a few images.
I think I'll do this for every PKG entry.
The pictures will be an effort to give you a feel for the kitchen without actually spilling the beans...because as we decided, what fun would that be?? she goes...a little insight into the inspiration beyond a kitchen redesign.

If my new kitchen were a.....Name, she (yes, the kitchen is always going to be referred to as she- if you say the actual plans, you would know how fitting this is;) would be:

It's soft and  pretty but has strength....exactly how I want the kitchen to be.
Actually, let's just refer to her as Fleur from now on- I love naming inanimate things so why not a kitchen?

If my kitchen were a Look...she would be:

Feminine, romantic, sexy, travelled, distinct and chic.

If my kitchen were Artwork...she would be:

Soft but graphic and bold...unabashedly girly.

And with those three,  I'll leave you with one more thing...a sneak peak board.
I figured I have to give you a little smidgen of what's actually happening each week.
I promise that most, if not all of these things will be happening in my kitchen in some form.

For even more insight into PKG, you can link over to Meredith's new and utterly fabulous blog.
Trust me, one look at the gorgeous that is Sashay, and you will be completely hooked.
It's full of Meredith's charming antidotes and more design pretty than I can fathom at present so yeah...quite spectacular.

Thanks for following along lovelies- sharing this whole process is making the project even more delicious.

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