panama city beach photo diary.

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the view from our motel deck. panama has the most gorgeous white sand, when it's not littered with aluminum beer cans from spring breakers (so sad).

yes that's me in boyfriend-style shorts and my favorite chambray button down (leopard print bikini underneath).

not where we stayed (i wish). our tiny little motel had only seven rooms!

stole these three from my friend's facebook cause they were too beautiful.

utter madness. i could only handle so much of this since i'm not a huge partier/drinker. but i do spot an IU flag (my alma mater).

you saw this picture of me a few posts ago, but now here's the matching one i took of my bf =)

basically what i lived in all week - bikinis with a cover up and my ray-bans.

how i accessorized. the alexander wang-like bag was glued to my shoulder, and those cognac wedges are already comfy, but add socks and i easily walked two miles in them back to the motel one night.

as good as it looks.

eating a mexican restaurant (mmmm, white cheese dip).
my boyfriend is a goofball.

i have a new obsession in the form of this forever 21 head wrap. it kept my hair out of my face during windy days and i used it to keep my head warm during cold nights!
really didn't get the chance to take outfit photos while down there, but basically at night i wore some sort of button down shirt or oversized tee, my army jacket or black boyfriend blazer, skinny pants or cutoff shorts, and wedges.

i also apologize for the quality of some these pictures; they were all taken with a point-and-shoot digital camera or an iPhone, so they are less than desirable.
and that my friends was the sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes fun, sometimes exhausting trip to panama city beach, florida.
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