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As soon as we found out that baby #2 is a little girl, my mind started racing as to what to do in the nursery.  We had decided (for many reasons) to move baby boy to a new room and use his current nursery for the new baby.  I had seen Waverly's Spot On fabric recently and knew it would be great nursery fabric, in the blue and green colorway for a little boy or in the coral and yellow colorway for a little girl.  I love that the "dots" aren't perfectly round polka dots- they are sort of "scribbled" and irregular, almost cheetah-esque.  I also haven't seen this fabric all over the place, so it's nice when you find something you aren't already tired of.  And, of course, you can't beat the price.  I'm using this fabric for the curtains and the cribskirt and just going with a basic white crib. 

I am going to use this textured solid coral for the chair and ottoman, accented with white contrast welting on the trim.  With such a busy curtain fabric, I think I need something calmer on the other furniture.

I knew finding a paint color would be a challenge.  First, keep in mind that the previous wall color was navy blue. 

I loved it for baby boy, but no way could I keep the walls navy for baby girl.  So we began dismantling the nursery so we could move baby boy out and repaint.  Yes, I shed a few tears.

My mom had saved my ballet shoes from when I was a little girl, and they served as inspiration for the ballet slipper pink paint color for baby girl's walls. 

I knew I did not want "pink" walls, at least not in the traditional baby girl pink that comes to mind.  Plus, coral in the fabric definitely has some orangey undertones, so the wall color needed to be an orangey/ yellow pink.  So after trial after trial after trial and numerous trips to the Sherwin Williams store near my house, I settled on Quaint Peche. 

With the help of my kind mother-in-law, we primed and primed and primed to cover all the navy.

After a whole lot of priming and painting, the walls were just the right color. 

Over the weekend I decided to sew the curtains.  I made single width panels, lined, with pinch pleats.  Easy easy!  My sweet husband handled all the hardware hanging, which is no small feat.

I originally was going to use a rug I already had, a flat weave wool with yellows and corals and a fabulous Greek key pattern. 

But ultimately I decided it competed too much with the fabric, so I exercised some restraint and bought Pottery Barn's diamond jute rug instead.  It's suprisingly soft, and I love the diamond pattern (reminds me of the much more expensive Stark seagrass version). 

I have painted the faux bamboo dresser a glossy white and used a white faux bamboo mirror over it.  The pierced lamp was my grandmother's, the poodles are a Palm Beach thrift store find, and the Chinese lacquered jewelry box is from an estate sale here. 

There is still a lot left to do!  I'm excited to incorporate some other fun pieces into the nursery, like these vintage yellow pineapple lamps:

And this pair of vintage poodle trays from Decatur Estates:

And other minor details like a crib...  But that's the state of the nursery today!  Stay tuned for the final product!
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