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I had a fabulous Christmas for so many reasons...the most notable being the fact that I spent it with family. 
I'm not sure if anything can compare to the joy of waking up on Christmas morning with little ones nipping at your toes in anticipation of what's to come.
It's pure happiness and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I was blessed to have my husband, parents, sister, gorgeous niece Adele, both brother in laws and beautiful kids Natasha, Scarlett and Malcolm share the holidays with me.

These pictures aren't going to win any photography contest but they're full of love and that's certainly what counts at Christmas.

The kids on Christmas Eve- watching Rudolph before bedtime.

My Malcolm looking at one of his 100 or so new construction vehicles. 

My sister Sara and my amazing niece Adele (and my little red head)- We bought the kids these harmonizing thingamajig dolls for their stockings and they were such a hit.  Amazing how it's often the simplest/cheapest toys that they love most.

In the middle of it all- my mom, sister and kids

Adele gets her first doll.

Adele riding Mac's new excavator and Scarlett looking on.  That little white vanity was her main present from Santa and she has been sitting there in a princess costume putting her new Barbie make-up on ever since.  I love that she's such a girly girl- spunky too though:)

The only picture of me is this....modelling perhaps the ugliest thing to ever enter my house- a Family Guy snuggly given to my Natasha.

My favourite picture of the bunch- my sweet boy and his trains. Along with the 100 or so tractors, he also received a few hundred trains- he actually sleeps with totally adorable.

And finally, the aftermath- not pretty but so worth it.  

To finish, here's a few from earlier in the week.
My little Scarlett was in two Christmas concerts and I have to share at least a few pictures.
Here's shots from the first.

And the second.
 In this one, my Scarlett girl was the Littlest Tree in their production of the Littlest Tree.

How adorable is that? 

And just to finish off, here's what I Santa left me this year.
You'll notice a few of my wish list items there.

It was the year of boots, bags and books and I couldn't be happier with my loot.
And thanks to my parents, I still have one more thing to receive...they actually (along with those gorge ankle boots) gave me a green purse and since hubby came through with the Coach satchel, I have a return and exchange to complete- fun fun!

So that's all for now.
I'll post the pretty decor stuff tomorrow but thought you might like a glimpse of the fam jam and holidays 2010.


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