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here's my dallas photo diary (with commentary)!

(photo #2 by amy gee)

northpark center, where i worked and therefore spent most of my time. it's the nicest mall i have ever been to - cool art, top notch stores, and a beautiful courtyard in the middle of it all.
can you believe it's sunny and 80 degrees in that first picture? in december?! insane!

went an explored the west end of downtown dallas after work one day. we saw where jfk was shot (not pictured), visited his memorial tomb, scoped out great architecture, and wanted to go up to the lookout in the reunion tower, but it was closed :(

(photos 3, 6, 7, 10, and 11 by amy gee)

went shopping with my co-workers aka my new friends on my first day off. saw more cool art and scluptures (& a crazy hood ornament) while walking, and it was my first time on a public transit train (i know, i know, but we don't have them in indy!). we visited dolly python (amazing vintage store), had some fun on a diagonal elevator, and then hit up lula b's antique mall before eating the best burger of my life at twisted root.

the burgers at twisted root were so good, i had to go back, this time to their newest location near the SMU campus, where they had this massive license plate wall. then i went mockingbird station, where i stopped by urban outfitters and got this pretty little sweater with nude mesh and a navajo scarf. later that night, i went with my friend from dallas to a local pub and saw a live cover band. love that they sang old rock songs everyone knows so you can sing along too!

went out with my co-workers on a saturday night off. the first stop was the ghost bar, 33 floors up in the W hotel. the view was amaaaaazing (see pics above), and the hip hop music had everyone dancing up a storm, but we weren't feeling the crowd or the expensive drinks, so we left pretty quickly and went to the new beauty bar. it's one of the coolest bars i've ever been to! very small with a hipster vibe, glittery walls, great music and great drinks. last stop was across the street at barcadia, where they have a wall lined with arcade games. it was a successful night out. my friend has more pics from this night so i might be adding them once i get my hands on them :)

(all photos by amy gee)

sunday brunch to cure our slight hangovers. that's chris from minneapolis and i looking at the photos from the night before. we then decided to walk to a consignment shop, and while we didn't realize it would be like a three mile walk (!), finding a sprinkles store and having my first cupcake from there (red velvet!) made it well worth it. plus amy scored a silky black button down dress at the consignment store.
last pic is on the way home; we are enjoying hot chocolate and milk :)

(photos by amy gee)

my last night in dallas was probably my favorite. we all went out to the beauty bar again; it was to celebrate a few of us leaving and just to relax and have a great time after working so hard for so many weeks. we got a great drink that i think is called the buxom blowout and fawned over the glittery walls and really cool chandelier before meeting a guy who told us that if we wanted to have a good time, we should go to the slip inn across the street. we did just that, met up with some more friends after they got off work, and danced the night away!

had some fancy digs during my stay: full kitchen, dining area, living room, desk, closed off bedroom. thanks h&m!

some more things i purchased while down there: a madewell sequin jacket and light wool blazer (i always knew i'd love madewell, and i fell in love with that store!), forever 21 heels that look just like miu mius(!!) and AA opaque tights. i also got a really pretty velvet dress from my store that i plan on showing you guys soon in an outfit post:)
everything i bought was black, besides that navajo scarf. so typical, lol.

last but not least, a glimpse of the store that we poured our sweat and soul into; the first h&m preview and the reason for my trip to dallas!



we made it in the paper!

& that was most of my month in photos! seriously, before i arrived, i did not think i would have as much fun as i did, or i would meet and work with as many amazing people as i did. i've made friends for life and have so many great memories to look back on.
yeah i don't have a lot of shots of me. i either hate pictures of myself or i hate asking people to take them of me! :( thanks for bearing with me, i'll be back to posting regularly now.


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