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As the new year approaches, thoughts of my upcoming kitchen redo are starting to swim crazily around in my head.
I'm starting to obsess about the details, look, money...all of it.
I've been collecting inspiration pictures forever and wanted to share some thoughts/ideas I have so far.

You see dear readers, I need help.
Too many choices, too little time.
Here's what I've got so far.

This kitchen by Kara Mann is my favourite one I've seen in terms of overall feel and look.  I adore the clean cabinets and how they aren't dripping in fussy corbels and kick plates etc. I also love the simple stove hood.  The grey is almost exactly the colour I'm thinking of and I want a marble for both the counters and backsplash as is done here.
All in all, I love this one and I think it's going to be my main inspiration shot.
I'd like to take this and make a few changes.
To begin with, I'd like some open shelving.
Maybe something like these shelves used in Linda Reeves kitchen.

I love the idea of a bit of feminine being added with the shelf detail, while still maintaining a clean and modern kitchen.  I also love how the open shelving gives you the opportunity to add artwork above.

Here are some other of my favourite kitchens that have open shelving.

I adore the clay tile detail wall  and how clean but still pretty the kitchen is.

I really like the idea of building the stove into its own box - gives the kitchen a bit of a restaurant feel.  Having open shelves on either side with plates would be so handy. As well, I love love the marble vent- I am so over the elaborate over played stove hood- this one is perfectly elegant in my mind.

A few others with well executed shelving.

Love this kitchen by Sally Wheat- it's a bit more traditional than I am going for but I still really appreciate the details and feel of it...and the grey.

Maybe just a simple marble shelf?

Along with the open shelves, I'd also like a rolling ladder.
I'm short and I will never be able to reach those upper cabinets- plus I love the look of them so that's a win win.

The other element I'd like to add is some glass front cabinets with wallpaper.

{also loving the subway tile in this space- adds a bit of vintage charm to the kitchens}

Or a large glass unit made to look like a piece of furniture...reminiscent of an old apothecary chest etc.

Or even better, an actual giant vintage piece of furniture that could be used for storage.

As for the cabinet door design, I'd like it fairly simple and was also thinking that a long lean profile might be nice.

And finally, the hardware/sink/faucet.
I have tentatively picked these gold pulls (the long ones 2nd from the top) for the cabinets and adore them.

I need a little glamour in the room and I think this fits the bill.

Here's a picture of a kitchen I love that has gold hardware.

I prefer the look of the gold on grey or charcoal cabinets so that is likely the way we'll go.

And lastly, I am thinking of this amazing Kohler Karbon faucet.
The very talented Summer Thonrton just used it in her kitchen and I've been obsessed with it ever since.

Here it is in her gorgeous newly renovated space.
Did I mention that I love her black cabinets, counters, sink, hardware...all of it?

And to finish this kitchen workbook post, here's a bathroom.
I know it seems a little crazy but for whatever reason, this bathroom from last month's Elle Decor has got my mind spinning.
If a bathroom could turn into a kitchen, this would be mine.

I ADORE every single detail in this space and when it comes to design time, this picture will be at the top of my ever increasing file.

So I think you can probably see why I need some help- I'm totally all over the place with this one.
Any thoughts you may have would be so very appreciated.

And aside from that, I hope you all have a fabulous day.
{and PS, I'm sick again and am using that as an excuse as to why I didn't credit all of these photos- a little break for me on that front}

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