i'm baaaaack!

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hey y'all, i'm baaaaack!
boy have i missed the blogging world. i tried to keep up on my favorite sites via my iPhone, but it's just not the same.
anywhoooo, panama was a little too crazy for me - seriously, thousands of drunk people 24/7, and it was freeeeezing during the night or when it was overcast/windy (which it was three out of the six days).
all-in-all i had a good vacation though; i have some of the funniest friends on the planet who made it a blast, and i especially loved it during the daytime at the beach and when we all went out to eat at various restaurants. i did not take my good camera, and most of the pictures of me are on my friends' cameras, so as soon as i round them all up, i'll do a big photo post.

don't forget, my forever 21 cat-eye sunglasses giveaway ends tomorrow night!
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