Guest Post - Amber Interiors and the Gardens

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Yes, it's another link day ladies (and maybe a few gentleman.)
The great news is that I'm posting at my new total love affair blog, Amber Interiors...

Amber Interior Design

And I'm taking part in her fabulous '1 Room 2 Ways' series.
New photos of my house y'all.
To see, go HERE.
While you're there, you HAVE to stay and peek around a bit.
C'est fabulous!!!
Amber's blog is just total and utter design yumminess.
Let me just say that this lady designer pants is going places- she's got some serious style.
Look at her portfolio pics.
{psst...that's Amber's house- delish!}


Then there's the blog.
Her Outfit to Room series knocks my socks off!!!

And then there's the other pretty.

See ya there lovelies!!
Oh and ps, garden designs are up and they are all tres magnifique!!!
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