Gift Exhange

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As I mentioned the other day, I was thrilled to take part in the DIY gift exchange organized by the immensely talented Brandi of Flight's of Whimsy.
 {and PS, you can purchase one of her fabulous drip paintings on her site or learn how to make one of your own using her tutorial}

I signed up for her DIY gift exchange and was so thrilled with my gorgeous present.

Before receiving my gift though, I got to work on making something for my recipient.
After looking at Amanda's blog, Tall Glass of Water, I quickly saw that she had a love for all things vintage.
One of her posts about vintage sweater clips caught my eye.
In the post, she showed some pictures of these clips and said how much she'd like to have one so....I got to work.

I started off with a large necklace and a set of mother of peal hair clips (on the left.)

I used metal cutters to break apart the necklace into all the pieces above.

I joined the white pearl and opalescent strand together and then soldered the clips to each end.

And voila, a cardigan sweater clip.

I used extra pieces from the necklace to put together a little double wrap bracelet.

And here's the set.

I wrapped up my little DIY jewelry and off to Texas it went.

I absolutely loved this idea of Brandi's and hope to take part next year as well.
And PS, making jewelry is actually quite enjoyable- go figure.

You can hop over to Amanda's fabulous blog and have a look at her post about the exchange.
{and make sure you check out what she made for Leah at the The Way we Are while you're there}


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