christmas eve.

Style :

(source - wildfox)
this first set of photos really spoke to me and i had to post them.
simple, chic, effective. enough said.

(source - jakandjil)
dree - my ultimate style icon. keep 'em coming tommy.

(source - mr.newton, wildfox)
my new style icon, sheila marquez. the first pic of her is literally the best outfit i've ever seen (if i had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would be that).
after seeing more, i know my lust at first sight has become love.

(source - lefashion, emmahearts tumblr)
i've also been keeping up with my tumblr...follow me here for daily inspiration and all around badass photos like the ones above that i could cram on my blog, but choose to put on tumblr instead. hehe.

(source - weheartit)
& merry christmas eve everyone, hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing day with your friends and family (or you'll do so tomorrow). don't forget to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas =)
hooooooopefully i'll get around to taking some outfit pics in the next two days.
right now i'm just enjoying laziness and dessert.

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