Christmas Cypress

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Cypress trees and garlands make beautiful Christmas decorations.  Cypress is lacy and soft and such a nice alternative to traditional fir or pine.  It drapes beautifully as a garland, and as a tree, it is thick yet whispy and airy.

I love the cypress garland as well as the potted small cypress bushes.  That is one of the benefits of a cypress Christmas tree- you can leave it potted inside and then plant it in your yard after the holidays!

 Cottage and Vine Blog

This cypress tree is decorated to the max with beautiful angels, candles, and tassles.

 Martha Moments Blog

It doesn't take nearly as many ornaments to decorate a cypress tree as does a traditional fir.

Southern Accents

Cypress garlands are so easy to make- just use floral wire to hook the branches together.  Their natural shape makes them drape beautifully.

 Southern Living

A pair of potted cypress bushes and a soft garland make such a welcoming holiday front porch.

Martha Stewart

We love hanging wreaths indoors, especially when you hang them from beautiful satin ribbon!

Country Living

A group of potted cypress plants makes an elegant mantle centerpiece.

 Cottage and Vine Blog

Place a potted cypress in a burlap sack over a pot for a natural look.

Cypress wreaths are soft and welcoming.

Feeling inspired by all these pretty cypress decorations, we went with a cypress Christmas tree this year.  Our tree is full and beautiful and a nice change from the fraser firs we usually choose. 

Adding lights to a cypress tree is a challenge.  The limbs are not very strong, yet the greenery is so lush and full that lights around the center of the tree just get hidden. 

So you have to wrap the lights around the branches as well as around the center of the tree.

I initially added our usual colorful "fun" ornaments, but the look was overwhelming with such a "sculptural" tree, so I took them off and decided to use only gold and white ornaments so that the tree would really stand out.

Decorating a cypress was nice for something different this year.  I will say that it's a good choice if you don't have many ornaments, because you don't use NEARLY as many ornaments on a cypress as you would on a regular tree.  Also, you may need a special stand for a cypress tree because the trunks are so skinny.  We learned the hard way on that, as baby boy pulled over the tree we had worked so hard to "secure" in 5 seconds flat...  Thankfully no injuries resulted!  All in all, it has been a pretty tree, but I think I will switch back to a fraser fir next year so I can make use of all of my ornaments!

Have you ever decorated for the holidays with cypress?
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