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As many of you know, I am lucky enough to be helping Lindsay with her amazing project to transform the backyard space of the George Herman House.

As part of the process, Lindsay came up with a little design challenge.
She asked each of us to come up with our own ideas for the space and will post links to all of them tomorrow on her blog.

For now, here's a look at what I've put together for the space.

The space was inspired by the book Food Fashion Friends by Fleur Wood- specifically her garden tea party feature.

I wanted to use lots of pastels with the grounding of some earthy darks- grey, rust and woody naturals.

I used this layout as inspiration because we're hoping to design a low maintenance space.
I envision pebble ground covering with wood decking and three distinct seating areas.

Surrounding the perimeter of the space would be greenery and flowering trees for colour...I chose, Japanese Maples, Lilacs, Peonies, Magnolias, Dogwoods etc.

The first seating area closest to the house would be the dining area.
I see a large dining table with bench seating so that all 10 residents could sit comfortably.
I'd love an overhead trellis/beam covering to provide shade and allow for a candle chandelier.
Potted palms, plenty of cushions, an outdoor rug and lots of candles would complete the space.

After passing the dining area and about halfway down the yard, would be a little quite nook designed for reading, reflecting, and just enjoying the tranquility of the outside space.
I included a little outdoor settee, lanterns for nighttime reading, a little side table for resting a book or a bevie, and a cozy Persian rug for underfoot.
I'd again use potted palms to help designate the space.

The last space would be towards the back of the garden and would span the entire back width of the space.
I see the back fence being turned into a green wall so that the yard would be more private.
{I'd actually like all 3 sides of the yard to be green so that no fencing would really be seen.}
In front of the wall would be a number of wicker lounge chairs so that the residents could really lie back and relax.
Each lounger (and we could put as many as the space would allow right along the back) would have its own little end table that could hole a drink/snack/magazine etc.
We'd again have an area rug underneath to provide a soft real living space feel.

And that's pretty much my design for the backyard.

All of the furniture is from IKEA, the rugs are from IKEA,  Outdoor Rugs Only, and CB2, the fabrics/pillows are from Tonic Living, the candle chandelier is from Arterirors, and the glass pendants are from Anthropologie.

As as I said, Lindsay will be posting links to all of the designs tomorrow and you are invited to VOTE for your favourite- a fun little contest!!
Good luck to all my fellow designers;)

So, make sure you like over to Aubrey&Lindsay tomorrow and in the meantime....a new paypal donate button has been set up on the Bloggers Give Back website so you would like to help, you can just click there and donate directly!!!
We still need to raise many dollars for plants, decking etc.
Anything you can give would be SOOOOOO appreciated and would make you totally awesome and totally adored - like forever!!


In other news, I woke up to a blizzard this morning- school buses were even cancelled:(
Makes these garden spaces even more appealing.

Happy day boys and girls.

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