The Best Non-Iron Shirts?

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Today's post isn't exactly glamorous, but reader advice has never failed us yet! I'm updating my work wardrobe and in the market for some non-iron shirts. Nothing like pulling them out of the dryer, giving them a nice shake, and being ready to roll in a crisp button down shirt! However, I've yet to find the perfect one and am looking for some tips!

I've had quite a few Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. They really work well in terms of being wrinkle free.  However, I don't just love the fit of these shirts. Even the slim cut ones are a bit short, a bit boxy. Although, maybe this is a new looks promising.

I was surprised to see that Banana Republic has gotten in on the non-iron game with these. They come in great colors, and I always tend to like Banana's regular button down shirts.  And at $59, they're a bargain. So I tried some on in a BR store...unfortunately they were a HUGE fail. For one thing, they looked pretty wrinkled, even on the hanger. And like the online reviews say, they run ridiculously small in the chest. Even a size bigger than I normally wear was too tight! And two sizes bigger finally fit in the chest, but was too big everywhere else. I hope they adjust the fit in future seasons.

And the biggest bargain in non-iron shirts? Land's End. Never tried them...I haven't ordered in Land's End forever. I'm wondering what the quality is like...does anyone know?

Anyone have any feedback on non-iron options? Any I didn't list here? I'll try anything! Non-iron's aren't for going out on the town, obviously, but the convenience can't be beat for during the work week!
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