Bali Meets Palm Beach: John Hardy at Fink's

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During the month of April, Fink's Jewelers is spotlighting John Hardy's chic and eco-friendly jewelry designs!  You are probably familiar with John Hardy's eponymous line, but you may not know the unique story behind the company.  John Hardy began the line in 1989, after studying the art of jewelry making and moving to Bali.  After successfully introducing and marketing his initial designs, he built a workshop and design center to serve as the company's headquarters in Bali. 

The John Hardy Headquarter consists of low impact buildings made of bamboo and surrounded by organic farms and heirloom rice fields. 

The company prides itself on being an eco-friendly green company, as artisans in Bali craft each piece of jewelry by hand.  One of John Hardy's initiatives is to provide a safe, supportive, sustainable work environment for its employees.  At lunchtime each day, all employees stop working and eat a company-provided lunch together. 

John Hardy incorporates elements of traditional Indonesian styles into his designs using sterling silver, 18k and 22k gold, and stones such as diamonds, white topaz, and black sapphires. 

For his Bamboo collection, which happens to be one of my personal favorites, beautiful gold and silver pieces mirror the bamboo that is so integral to the culture of Bali.  As a way of giving back, John Hardy plants bamboo seedlings for each Bamboo piece he creates.

18k Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings (plants 35 bamboo seedlings)

Naga Cuff Bracelet

A more casual piece, this turquoise leather triple-strand bracelet is accentuated with a sterling silver bamboo clasp.  It is also available in black and white!

John Hardy's designs are incredibly versatile, ranging from the casual leather wrap bracelet shown above to the ultra-glamorous Batu Klasik Square Earrings.  We have to admit we'd happily wear these every day!

Fink's Sales Associate Converse Roberts describes John Hardy's newest collection, Bedeg, as "Bali Meets Palm Beach."  As you can see from the bracelet below, he crafts and finishes the inside of each piece of jewelry as beautifully as the outside.  He considers this his "secret gift" to his clients. 

This eyecatching cuff bracelet from the Macan collection is made of hammered silver and black sapphires.

The interior of the bracelet is crafted with tigers, bamboo, and volcanoes. 

This ring from the Bedeg collection is made of rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and sterling silver.  As with so many of John Hardy's designs, this ring would transition beautifully from day to evening.

During the month of April, Fink's Jewelers is hosting John Hardy trunk shows to spotlight his designs.  Representatives from John Hardy will be available at Fink's locations across the Southeast, and the stores will be carrying one-of-a-king pieces and a larger than usual selection of John Hardy designs.  You can check out the Fink's website for details, dates, and time of trunk shows.  Now that you know a little more about this unique company, we hope you will stop by Fink's to see some of these beautiful designs.  As Converse Roberts so aptly described John Hardy to me, "It's not just about beautiful jewelry but about sustainable luxury."  And I think it's safe to say that some gold bamboo hoop earrings are now at the top of my wish list!
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