A Colourful Guest Post and a Garden Competition

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I am so excited to be over at 10 Rooms today talking about one of my favourite subjects, as part of Anne-Marie's gorgeous series...

I won't spill my choice but I will say that my post is rather...

While you're there, you must check out the entire series...lots of fabulous posts and buckets of pretty colour.

And of course, make sure you stick around and browse though 10 Rooms...it's one of my absolute favourite reads!

10 Rooms

Anne-Marie is a genius when it comes to colour and her boards of pretty are just too lovely for words.

Just gorgeous.


And since I know how much you LOVE link overs, please head over to
Bloggers Give Back as well;)

Bloggers Give Back

As you may have seen here yesterday, I put together a little backyard design plan for the space at the George Herman House.

Well I wasn't the only garden inspired blogger...all of my fellow BGB helpers also put some ideas together.
And today, all of the garden boards will be displayed and the fun part, you get to vote for your favourite design!!
{::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::}

I've already seen a few of them and there's oodles of gorgeous so definitely have a little peek.
{Oh and if the post isn't yet up, just check back later today...I promise it's coming!!!}

And ps, we would so so so so appreciate any help you might be able to give so please have a look at the...

button to the right of the page.

So many links, so little time- do it anyways please;)


And PSS, the power of blogging is just total awesomesauce.

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